What Our Volunteers Say…

“I would recommend joining the Volunteer Car Scheme, and assisting those folks who really need our help to get around, It is so worthwhile.”

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Paul - Volunteer Driver

“My role as volunteer driver gives me huge satisfaction. There are so many people who live alone, have been in real isolation, and contact with someone different can help hugely. To know that someone looks forward to a 5 weekly Podiatrist visit with enthusiasm helps keep me grounded.”

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Steve - Volunteer Driver

“When I closed my business eighteen months ago I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had thought about volunteering in the past as my late mother had volunteered for many years. I felt it could give me something constructive to do while helping others and funnily enough help my mental state as well. And it did. Some of the interactions with the clients are priceless. The gratitude from some is a bit overwhelming at times which shows just how much some people rely on the service.”

Michael - Volunteer Driver

“I get a lot of satisfaction from it and it gets me out of the house (important when you are retired). But it’s not about me.”

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David - Volunteer Driver

“Whether it is taking people to the hospital, doctors, dentist or the shops, you realise how important this service is for so many people.  They are all so grateful and I’ve had some amazing chats and certainly learnt a thing or two.”

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Rebecca - Volunteer Driver

“I enjoy it because it uses the administration skills from my previous working life, makes me feel useful and is also very rewarding.”

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Pam - Volunteer Administrator

“I really enjoy volunteering for the car scheme.”

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Tracey - Volunteer Administrator