How to Book Your Drive

Our volunteer drivers are based across four offices to ensure that you are placed with a local driver, making the service both convenient and cost effective. Please contact your nearest office to book your drive.

Our volunteer administrators will be very happy to take your details and register your drive. One of our volunteers will then call you back once a driver has been allocated and let you know the name of that driver and what time they will be picking you up. If you require any mobility aids or a passenger to travel with you, please let us know at the time of booking.

Where possible, all drives should be booked a minimum of 5 days before the appointment. This allows us time to allocate a suitable driver for you.

Our drivers charge a fee of 45 pence per mile driven, from their own home to collect you, onwards to the appointment and for the full reverse journey. A booking fee of £2 is added, which helps to keep our office open.

All of our drivers are DBS checked, carry official identification and are fully insured.

Please note that whilst we are more than happy to accommodate drives for social occasions, medical drives will always be dealt with in priority.

Our Car Scheme Office Opening Hours:

Huntingdon – Tripti:
07849 794490
01480 414766
Monday to Thursday

10am – 12 Noon

Ramsey – Marie:
07869 701045
01487 814117
Monday to Thursday

10am – 12 Noon

St Ives – Kirsty:
07582 211392
01480 301462
Monday to Thursday

12.30pm – 3pm

St Neots- Shona:
07724 939613
01480 476047
Monday to Thursday

10am – 12 Noon