Our driver Paul says “Having retired a bit early, I was getting on my wife’s nerves, demanding we go out for Coffee/Tea/Lunch Etc, and getting in the way, off her, Strictly Bake Of Pottery throwdown Sewing Bee !! catch up TV viewing, so I’m sure she thought something must be done. Being aware of the Driving Scheme, and the fact for work, I drove all over the country, a seed was planted.

So I popped into the office in Ramsey and spoke to Olga. After the paperwork was completed I had my first trip, taking a client to Hinchingbrooke. On the journey, going through warboys, he was telling me a story about breaking up the Airfield after the war, to return the land for farming use, and that all the lumps of concrete on the side of the road was his work. On return home, I was asked how it went, so I told the story.

Having lived in Ramsey for 32 Years, I am learning so much about the area, from my passengers

Having a few regular trips to the Hairdressers/Tesco many have become friends, on one occasion I was carrying the Tesco shopping into one of my ladies house, and I noticed a torch and remote control on her kitchen table, and was asked if I could change the batteries because her arthritis made it difficult, No Problem.

Just small things can help so much, however with the pandemic taking such a toll on all our lives there are no more trips to the Hairdressers, and having to leave the shopping bags outside the door,

So I would recommend joining the Volunteer Car Scheme, and assisting those folks who really need our help to get around, It is so worthwhile.”