“Having worked and progressed with same company for 43 years, ultimately running the business, this gave me the chance within a work framework to make a difference to all employees knowing their means and resources varied dramatically.

My team created a hugely successful business, which allowed for OPPORTUNITY to all. Some grabbed it and truly changed their lives, and made a difference.

Now that I am not involved in business, I wanted to see what I could do, based on same criteria as above, and offer something back. I am only just finding out what this journey is about. My question was simple. As part of a team, can I make a difference?

My role as volunteer driver gives me huge satisfaction. There are so many people who live alone, have been in real isolation, and contact with someone different can help hugely. To know that someone looks forward to a 5 weekly Podiatrist visit with enthusiasm helps keep me grounded.

Most of the people I have been involved with are ladies, and they have been a joy to assist.

A story which I would like to repeat. I took a lady for a regular appointment to Huntingdon, whilst there told her I was popping to my former company to drop in birthday cards for staff in September. When I returned she asked if they were pleased I dropped them in. Yes was my answer.

15 minutes later we are in Tesco collecting 13 cards for her friends and family, the lady had forgotten her reading glasses, so I read the messages of all the cards. On the way down the escalator the lady saw Christmas sweets and chocolates , we collected some of these too.

Did we at HVC make a difference that day for this Lady? Yes

We gave her the OPPORTUNITY to have a change of landscape. I think this means the world to all concerned.

Thank you for my opportunity”