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Driver's Form

You can download your driver's forms here online.

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Hospital Parking

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Community Car Scheme

The Huntingdonshire Volunteer Centre supports car schemes throughout the district, each varying in size, the area covered and the number of drivers available. Voluntary car schemes are an extremely valuable addition to the conventional passenger transport.

The Community Car Scheme concentrates on meeting the mobility needs of elderly, disabled or disadvantaged passengers who are, for whatever reason unable to use conventional public transport. (maybe you live out in rural and urban areas and don't have local transport for the time you need a doctors appointment) These schemes can be used by anyone living in the Cambridgeshire Area.

In a rural and urban area a Car Scheme can help to keep people mobile, through providing a door to door service. Huntingdonshire Volunteer centre views car schemes as playing an important role in complementing conventional forms of passenger transport.

How It All Works.

Passengers should get in contact with their local office (info on Contact Us page), and would be encouraged to give at least 24 hours notice of any journey. The journey can also be shared with other friends and the fee would still be the same.

On the day the journey takes place the driver collects a contribution from the passenger based on the mileage which is 40p per mile with the Min Fee of £2.80 for Ramsey and £1.50 for St Ives, St Neots and Huntingdon.

Eligible Journeys.

Here are a few typical journey purposes that are eligible, but this list is by no means exhaustive and therefore is provided only as a guidance:-

  • Shopping and personal business including post office, banks and building societies etc.
  • Trips for medical purposes, such as hospital, clinic, GP, dentist and opticians appointments etc.
  • Visit to relatives or friends at home or hospital.
  • To link to nearest public transport services.

Journeys to work, school and day care are not normally undertaken.